Did a weekend diving with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters in late July 2006.

Full gallery of the trip here.


Rye Rocks - Skomer

First dive was on Rye Rocks which is a series of gullies and drop offs. Life here is plentiful. Pollock, large Cuckoo Wrasse, Ballan Wrase, Spider Crabs, Lobster, Jellyfish, Urchins, Dogfish, sea fans, kelp it's all on Rye Rocks.

Depth - 24.1m. 12.1m

Temperature - 14 Degrees late July.

North Wall - Skomer

Obviously a wall dive! Good amount of life including dogfish and Ballen Wrasse. Several decent sized sea fans and a lot of crabs. Some kelp forests in the shallow parts of the dive.

Depth - 16.5m

Temperature - 14 Degrees late July.


This is a BIG wreck. Sank by a mine in World War 2 it was carrying a cargo including tin plates. The current was quite strong on this dive and we sheltered behind the bulk of the ship. There was plenty of fish including pollock, bass and poor cod.

The hold is exposed and the tin plates the ship was carrying are clearly exposed and very shiny for 60 years in the water.

Depth - 15.9m

Temperature - 15 Degrees late July.