Taken with an Olympus C7070wz in an Ikelite Housing, DP-60 dome port and a DS-125 strobe set on TTL.

Sea fan on Skomer North Wall

Rye Rocks

Cuckoo Wrasse

Cuckoo Wrasse



Urchin and starfish

Dogfish in the kelp

Spider crab

Sea slug

Ballen Wrasse

A goby

Life on Rye Rocks

Another sea fan

Spider crabs, errrr, being... friendly?

Sea fan

Home sweet home

Sea Fan

Lobster on Rye Rocks

Flat worm on Rye Rocks

Wreckage of the Dakotian

Dead mans fingers on the Dakotian

Part of the Dakotian

Tin Plates on the Dakotian. Still shining after 65 years in the Haven!