Skomer 2007.

Rye Rocks, South Side, North Wall and High Point. Trip report here.

All photos reduced in size and quality.

All taken with Olympus 7070wz in a Ikelite housing, DS-125 strobe (playing up and only syncing with camera occasionally!!!) and a DP-60 dome port.


Come on then!!!!

Sea fan

What did the Urchin say to the 3 starfish...?


Spider crab

Cuckoo Wrasse (as always facing away from the camera)

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Top of a tube worm?

Sea fan

You ain't seen me right!

Welshious Diverious

Didn't Jabba the Hutt try and feed Han and Luke to one of these?



Whats that coming over the reef..

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