Underwater Video

My Olympus c7070wz allows me to shoot a bit of underwater video. The camera is primarily a digital stills camera but can shoot some video which makes a nice change sometimes. Here are a few clips. I've got them loaded onto You Tube as it's free and allows me to embed them on here.

All of my video clips can be seen at:- http://www.youtube.com/user/DivingDaveUK


This grouper is obviously octopus-ist

This turtle was trying to feed on Manta Point but the current was a tad strong

The wreck on Kuredu House Reef


Moray on Kuredu Caves


Two green sea turtles chilling out on Kuredu Caves



The deck gun onboard the Thistlegorm.

One of the tanks near hold 4 which was completely destroyed by the bomb blast.

Some of the cars and bits in hold 2 of the Thistlegorm


My favorite seal video. You can just about make out me shouting BUGGER OFF! through my regulator as it starts to chew the domeport. I'm guessing it could see its reflection in the domeport and was curious. Watch out for the corkscrew it does a few seconds after the ticking off!

Seals near Gannet Rock