The HMS Scylla.

Dived this wreck with the club on board the Sunfish. This was my first go on a UK RIB (only other rib diving has been off the support boats on liveaboards). Skipper Mike was helpful and knowledgeable. The boat itself is VERY fast. We were passing the other boats heading out from Plymouth to the Scylla and James Egan Lane like they were standing still. Obviously space is at a premium unlike the hardboats I'm used to. However, the Sunfish was by far the biggest RIB on the pontoon when we got there so god knows how they cope on the smaller RIBS. Anyway not got a bad word to say on the Sunfish and will be definitely using them again.

Full details on the wreck are at

The Scylla lies in about 24m of water. The bridge is much shallower and suitable for most divers.

There can be a current here. On the first dive we had a minor problem on descent, got away from the shot line and drifted away from the wreck. In the end we had to surface and get the boat to drop us back. Be warned!

On the second attempt we got down OK at the bow. We headed along the deck to a open hatch where a number of corridors met.

A bit further along the deck a pair of missile gantries are located and make a nice 'swim along'. You can just about see a diver 'launching' themselves off the left hand missile launcher.

Then after a large mast you can reach the bridge. There are big holes cut into the ship so if you are properly trained and comfortable with wreck penetration you can do.


Generally we didn't have enough time on the wreck. After missing the shot and getting swepted off first time we had less time on our second attempt. The Scylla looks to be a great dive and will be trying again soon.

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