These pictures were taken on the Manacles, theWhelps and the Herra out of Falmouth. They are a mix of my old mju 300 camera in a PT-16 housing using the internal flash (which I used the first day) and my c7070WZ in an Ikelite housing with a DS125 strobe.


Plumrose Anemones ID's By Dave G (not me) of Divernet Fame


Jewel Anemones ID By Dave G (not me) of Divernet Fame


Posing Dogfish

Edible Crab on Maun Voes

Seal in Falmouth Harbour

Gully on the Manacles with Dead Mens Fingers

Dogfish and Urchin


Female Cuckoo Wrasse (Again ID's by Dave G)

Part of the Herra Wreck

Cuckoo Wrasse

Gully wall on the Manacles

Kelp on Maun Voes


Spider Crab

Ballan Wrasse, ID'd by Letsink of Divernet Forum fame.

Top of the Herra by the shot line