Plymouth. April 2008.

Dived the Scylla and Cawsands Reef out of Bovisand with Danny and Dave at Discovery Divers.

Excellent early season dive. Great (8-10m) vis, plenty of life and had the sites to ourselves. Plus great boat and fantastic diver burgers provided by the boys at Discovery Divers!

All photos reduced in size and quality with a bit of touching up in photoshop.


Swimthro' on Cawsands Reef

Cawsands Reef - Sandy or pebble bottom with large rock outcroppings

Plenty of edible, velvet swimming and spider crabs.

Another gully.

Nice swimthough. Elongated arch.

SMB's tend to ruin swimthroughs!

One of the 'dive' cut holes in the side of the Scylla

Corkwing Wrasse building a nest on the deck.

Early season vis - fantastic

Scylla has plenty of growth now.

Top of the Scylla

Anemones on the Scylla

Loads of Ballan Wrasse, and ckeck out that vis!

Scylla is now covered in life.

Kelp is growing on the shallowest parts of the wreck

The shallow the wreck, the more growth