Maldives 2006 on MV Sea Spirit.

North Male Atoll - Baa Atoll - Rashdoo Atoll - North Ari Atoll - South Ari Atoll - South Male Atoll - North Male Atoll.

All photos taken with Olympus C7070wz, Ikelite Housing, DP-60 Dome Port and a DS-125 Strobe. Most photo's taken on point and shoot or underwater wide auto mode. Some I've started to play with manual mode. All photos reduced in size and in quality for the internet.

Clarkes Anenome Fish (Nemo) in a Magnificant Sea Anenome

Another Magnificant Sea Anenome

Manta Ray in 'flight'

Clarkes Anenome Fish

Squat Lobster(?)

Lionfish with Manta in the background

Oriental Sweetlips

Manta ray

Close up of a manta ray

Two mantas hanging around a cleaning station

Mantas lining up for cleaning station. Must be British with this expert queuing

What's that coming over the reef? Is it a Manta, is it a Manta?

One of my fave manta shots of the trip

Scorpion Fish not really using its abilities to the max

Varcous Wart Slug. Such a lovely name!

Saddle-back Grouper

Magnificant Sea Anenome


Me trying to be arty as the colour shot didn't come out too well

Manta with a wonky face!

Yet more Manta

Moray in a reef

The coral reefs in the Maldives are healthy

Manta on a small cleaning station

Same small cleaning station, different Manta

A.... erm... fish

Soldier Fish under a overhang

Clarkes Anenome Fish

Chevron Barracuda

More Chevron Barracuda

Nurse shark also known as Leopard shark

Yellowfin batfish. Very curious. Will swim up and inspect you!

Whitetip Reef Shark

Close up of whitetip reef shark

An octopus hiding in the reef

Parrottfish on the reef

Moray in the reef

Amazing coral garden at Kal Hahandhi Hurraa

Table corals at Kal Hahandhi Hurraa (North Ari Atoll)

Lots of life at Kal Hahandhi Hurraa due to the coral cover

Turtle feeding

Turtle using its front fins to eat

Turtle in 'flight'

Millions of silversides at Niumath Thila (South Ari Atoll)

Coral Grouper

Lunar Wrasse (foreground)

Coral on a night dive

Strange things come out at night

Wreck on Kuda Giri

Wreck on Kuda Giri

Wreck on Kuda Giri

Eagle Ray

Blue fin jack


Neon Fusilier


Oriental Sweetlips

Anthias (male in foeground)

Neon Fusilier in the reef

Banded cleaner shrimp

Parrott Fish

A fish!!!


Banded Cleaner Shrimp

Gorgonian Fan

Yellowfin batfish


Sleepy turtle on Kuredu Caves


Turtle resting at Kuredu Caves

Morish Idol





Cuttlefish running off

Reef edge near Kuredu

More reefs near Kuredu and a large collection of Maldives Anenome Fish

Mimic Filefish (?)

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