Red Sea - Northern Wrecks and Reefs - MV Whirlwind.

The Bristol Channel Divers 2008 Red Sea Liveaboard.

All photos taken on a Olympus c7070wz in Ikelite housing with DS125 strobe and domeport.

Dave W and a hold full of Italian floor tiles.

Dave W again

Simon and Fiona in the Krisula K

Clown fish

Italian floor tiles.

BCD enjoy 30m+ vis and warm water!

Damn Boxfish. Shoo!

Blue spotted stingray

The H-M's

Dave W on the Gianiss D

The Gianiss D

George. The very old, very big Giant Moray on the Barge

Inside the bridge of the Gianiss D

BCD take the bridge of the Gianiss D

Safety stop on the Gianiss D

Lionfish hunting at night on the Barge

A Moses Sole (first one I've ever seen)


Crocodile Fish


The H-M's and a ruddy big prop

Machinery on the Thistlegorm.

Motorbikes in the Thistlegorms holds.

Bedford trucks in the Thistlegorm

Motorcycle in the Thistlegorm

Box of artillery shells

Probably best not to touch these!

Soft coral

Lots of fire corals

You cannot see me!

Oh, you can see me

Toilets from the wreck of the Jolanda

BS Stringray

Exit from cave at Jackfish Alley

A Jack on Jackfish Alley


Jackson Reef

Butterfly fish

Woodhouse Reef

Coral garden

Dave W in the workshop of the Krisula K

A big shell on the Thislegorm

AA Gun on the back of the Thistlegorm

Deck gun on the Thistlegorm


Dave W and a prop

Debs in an old steam/sail ship

BS Stingray

Giant Moray


Turtle feeding in the Dunraven

Cave at Jackfish Alley