Cromhall Quarry

This flooded quarry is located just off the M5 junction 14. Facilities include compressor, porta-loos and a small 'shop' selling tea/coffee and snacks (crisps/choccy bars etc.)

There are two access points for diving. The first is a pontoon near the main entrance/compressor/shop which has steps to allow you to get back out. Around the area you can find a wheelbarrow and a car. There is apparently a Koi carp in there but I've never seen him!


The other access point is right round the other side and is where the access track down to the bottom of the quarry used to be. The beach slowly slopes down and turns back on itself to get to the bottom of the quarry, the deepest of which is 16/17m depending on recent rain fall.

At the beach end there are two sunken cargo containers which provide a good platform for training.

The visibility can be great at over 10m and in bright sunshine you can sit at one of the sheer rock faces and look up and see the surface. The light coming off the rock cliff is a very nice sight.