Challaborough isn't marked on many maps. It's a tiny resort with a single caravan site dominating the area. Facilities are fine though with a pub, burger/fish and chip stand, toilets etc.

Launching of ribs is done from the beach and is relatively sheltered.

Wells Rock

A collection of gullies in the rocks making interesting diving. It was also a bit maze like, not wanting to saw tooth profile, we had to keep swimming along the gullies until we found a gap to head in the direction we wanted. Very interesting bottom (oh-er)!

Life included friendly cuckoo wrasse (why didn't I take the camera!), cuttlefish, ballan wrasse and pollock.

Depth - 16.3m

Temperature - 16 degrees mid August

The Jebba

Or at least it was supposed to be the Jebba but the shot missed, we went in the wrong direction and had a nature dive instead of a wreck!

It was a very rocky bottom with plenty of plant life and we saw more cuttlefish, cuckoo and ballen wrasse plus spider crabs.

Depth - 11.0m

Temperature - 16 degrees mid August